Custom Home Renovations

Custom Home Renovations Posada Custom Homes performs custom home renovations in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas throughout Central Florida. We have a team of experienced professionals that specialize in renovating homes. We specialize in the renovation of mid-range to high-end custom homes. And we have a breadth of experience in renovations of all types.

Creating a New Vision for Your Home

Whether you are a new owner looking to revamp and renovate an old estate to a more modern and progressive look, or need to clean up a damaged part of your home, we can help. Our specialty is taking an antiquated or somewhat dated home in need of renovation, and giving it a substantial makeover. 

We will transform your home into a modern, progressive look that exudes charm and style. We love to meet with homeowners that have a vision for this progressive style, and make these visions come to life. 

Home renovations at this level must be performed with all of the care and focus as building a home from the ground up. The attention to detail and focus on achieving the perfect look and style is what we do best at Posada Custom Homes. 

We realize that stunning luxury homes are not always built from the foundation up, but rather transformed from an existing home. It just requires the right team to create a new vision with the homeowner’s guidance and and help.

Home Additions and Custom Home Renovations

As an Orlando custom home builder for several decades, we have encountered almost every circumstance related to renovations and additions. So whether you are adding an addition to your home to create more space and comfort, or need to update or freshen up your home with new life, we have substantial experience in both. 

We can also use this experience to guide and advise you on the best way forward. We know these decisions can be overwhelming and stressful. Let the experience of Posada Custom Homes work for you. You may also take a look at some of these custom home renovations tips.

Historical Home Renovations

A specialty of Posada is working with historical homes in Orlando, Winter Park, and various areas throughout Central Florida. Working with these amazing and timeless homes is an honor and a privilege, and one of our true passions. 

We recently completed a renovation on a historical home that was nearly 100 years old, and it is truly an exceptional home.

If these historical homes have “good bones” then they are a gem just waiting for renovation and development. “Good bones” means that they have a good design with high ceilings, a strong foundation, block masonry, and are something we can work with and transform. 

We love to take these historical homes and give them a makeover with a fresh look. We maintain the unique history and inherent value of the home, and the makeover gives it the visual appeal and modern design that you are looking for. 

Home Renovations Winter Park FL

Complete Renovations

We also have experience with complete home renovations that can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. If you have a creative vision for transforming a newly purchased home, or your existing home, to the next level, Posada has the team to deliver this vision. Much like new construction, we have a passion for these home transformations and will be a true partner in your journey.

3D Renderings

And if you have a vision for your renovation, but are unsure how it will look in reality, we can show you a rendition of your vision. Our 3D renderings are a great tool to see how the completed renovation will actually look once complete. 

This provides much needed peace of mind if you’re a bit concerned about some aspect of the renovation, and how it will all tie together. Our renderings provide a very clear visual and bring to life the design concept.

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To learn more about our custom home renovations in Orlando, FL, call Posada Custom Homes today at 407-740-7707. We have a wide service area in Central Florida, to include Orlando, Winter Park, Longwood, Windermere, Lake Nona, Apopka, Maitland, and the surrounding areas. We would be happy to meet with you at your home, or our office, to discuss your project.