Wood Floors or Concrete Floors, Know Which One Suits Your Home

Wood Floors or Concrete Floors MaitlandWood floors or concrete floors, which one is most suitable for your home? If you are currently undecided between these two beautiful materials for your home, then the guide below can certainly help you. 

As more and more people are leaning towards a minimalist and industrial look for their home, concrete walls and floorings are fast becoming the favorite choice in the interior design world. Concrete provides a cool option as there are many variations available both for colors and designs. 

But while concrete is aesthetically pleasing, many also question its longevity when used as flooring. Is it as durable as the hardwood floors that can stand the test of time?

Concrete Floors

A concrete floor is made from cement mixed with water and aggregates. Many have embraced the idea of pure concrete being used as walls or floorings because it has a certain aesthetic appeal. 

Concrete is a good choice for areas that are usually busy because of its durability. Concrete is more affordable and is also very easy to maintain. In a home, however, putting on concrete floors needs more maintenance to keep it looking pristine. Polished concrete is fast becoming popular as it has been made available in various designs and colors. 

One drawback of concrete is that it can tend to get cold as well during cool months so it is not advisable to be used in rooms. And since concrete is heavy and can be slippery, this is also not suitable for rooms with children who can get into an accident anytime. 

Wooden Floors

A wood floor is more commonly used in houses than concrete because of its timeless appeal. They are made from solid wood. While wood can lose its brilliant quality over time, it can always be restored and repaired as the material is also always available.

Wooden floors are durable and very easy to maintain. You just need to vacuum and mop it regularly. You can sand-out minor imperfections yourself to keep the appearance pristine. 

But while wooden floors add a touch of class to a home, it can be expensive depending on the design and the amount of material you are going to use.

Wood Floors or Concrete Floors

Both wooden floors and concrete floors have advantages and disadvantages. Concrete is more durable than wood however, it is not an ideal choice for every room. For those who are living in areas with a cold climate, concrete is not also suitable because it can get cold. Wooden flooring has a timeless appeal. Its longevity is unquestionable but it is not as durable as the concrete. But while it is prone to water damages and even scratches, wooden flooring is easier to repair and refurbish. 

You can always choose to have concrete floors on high traffic areas and opt to have wooden floors on rooms of your home. But regardless of the type of flooring you want, you should always review your choices and your budget.

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