What to Look For In An Orlando Luxury Home Builder

What to Look For In An Orlando Luxury Home BuilderLuxury homes are among the largest and most personal investments anyone can make. For these reasons, you can’t afford to trust the entire building process to just anyone who makes promises. You will need a home builder who will take the time to understand your vision and let you participate in every step, from design to the building process.

But how can you distinguish a pro custom home builder from the rest? Here we’ll briefly discuss what to look for in An Orlando luxury home builder.

Decades of Experience

Building custom homes is an art. It takes years, if not decades, to perfect the craft. That means the home builder with the highest level of experience is the one you should go for.

There are high chances the builder has worked on hundreds if not thousands of homes and knows what works and what doesn’t. With that, they can advise where you can make changes, which materials to use for the most efficient construction, and more. Furthermore, they will have the experience to complete your project within the set timeline, budget, and quality.

At least 3-5 Great References

Most luxury home builders make promises, sometimes with exaggerated claims. How would you know the difference? Check for their references.

Ask the home builder to provide at least three or five references from their previous projects. You can speak to them and request to see photos of their homes.

Other homeowners who have received the builder’s services can provide an honest review. That way, you can understand how the builder works and whether they live up to their commitments. You also get to weigh on the level of customer service and satisfaction they offer before committing your dream home to them.

Check Their Entire Portfolio Of Homes In Orlando

Another way to gauge a home builder’s experience is to look at their portfolio of completed homes in Orlando. You can often find them on the main website, but you can also ask for physical photo albums containing all their previous projects.

While the intention is not to copy the style of previous work, you can get an idea of what they do best and how far their imagination goes. You can also ask about the materials they used and why they chose them. It can be a great place to start if you don’t know what to use for your custom home.

Ensure They Have Experience In Your Preferred Home Style

There are many styles for building luxury homes. Only a few home builders specialize in all of them. Some can do just a few, but others have large teams that can handle any style.

If you have a particular house style in mind, ensure the builder has experience working on such. Most people make the mistake of assuming. Ask the builder if they have ever built a home of the same style and what materials they used.

For example, at Posada Custom Homes, we can handle many home styles, such as:

  • Italian
  • Country/Rustic
  • Progressive
  • Contemporary (1)
  • And more.

Ensure They Partner With A Reputable Architect

Architects will have the final say in the design of your home. An excellent architect knows all about the local building codes and regulations. They also understand the topography of the local area you intend to build your new luxury home.

Equipped with such knowledge, they can create a layout that works best with the natural surroundings and get your home approved for construction. As such, it’s paramount to ensure your builder partners with a reputable architect.

We’re Proud To Be Your Custom Home Builder

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