What Is A Permit When Building A Home In Orlando

What Is A Permit When Building A Home In OrlandoAre you planning to build a home in the bustling City of Orlando? If so, you will need a permit to do so. In this article, we’ll look at what a permit is and its importance in building a home in Orlando.

What Is a Building Permit?

A permit is a government-issued document that approves the construction or renovation of a privately owned property. It grants you legal permission to start your home project. In Orlando, a building permit comes from the City.

Who Pulls The Building Permit For Your New Home?

Your contractor is typically responsible for filing and obtaining the permit. The process involves submitting plans and relevant documents to the City or local municipality for review.

Here are a few documents needed:

  • Complete legal description
  • Construction Plans
  • Site Plan or Survey
  • Energy Calculations
  • Erosion control device details

The Importance of Building Permits

Obtaining a building permit for your home is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it helps Orlando City control the growth and development within its jurisdiction.

Maintains Professionalism and Accountability

Obtaining permits demonstrates professionalism and accountability by the contractor. For instance, we must get the necessary permits before starting any home project at Posada Custom Homes. Working without one exposes our customers to unnecessary liability for construction-related disputes.

Ensures Building Site Safety and Compliance

At Posada Custom Homes, site safety for our workforce and customers is among our top priorities. And nothing speaks of compliance like a city-issued permit. (1)

A building permit is Orlando’s way of ensuring we, as the builders, strictly follow and adhere to set safety standards and building codes. It helps protect not only the building crew but also the community long after construction.

Aligning With Zoning and Land Regulation

Cities such as Orlando have zones set to protect neighborhoods’ environment and visual appeal. As such, it has zoning laws and land regulations that affect all new constructions.

A building permit helps verify that the property and project comply with all local zoning and land regulations. Without it, erecting a structure may become questionable or illegal in Orlando City.

Work With Professionals

Undertaking a home construction project is a huge investment. It is also no easy feat. You don’t want a stalled site and lots of legal issues. Work with professionals like Posada Custom Homes to ensure you get the proper permits and comply with local regulations.

Having served Orlando City for decades, we know the local building regulations, zoning laws, and land regulations. Working with us ensures professionalism and accountability on your project at all times. Contact us today via email or phone, or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.

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