What is a Mother-In-Law Suite?

what is a mother-in-law suite winter parkWhat is a mother-in-law suite? This is probably one of the questions that came to mind while you’re shopping around for houses. It is self-explanatory. A mother-in-law suite is an extra space or area in your home that can be used by your in-law or in-laws as their own living and sleeping space. It looks pretty much like a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment.

Mother-in-law suites have become very popular nowadays in US homes. Many times, these add-ons or home extensions already come with homes for sale. So homebuyers are left to ask – do I really need this? Do these extra rooms even benefit me at all?

Some people would build mother-in-law suites as an extension of their home. Others remodel their garage to become a livable suite. For those with larger properties, a small detached home is built to serve as an in-law suite.

What is a Mother-In-Law Suite and Do You Need One?

It is commonly called a mother-in-law suite, but of course, it can be used by any of your parents-in-law—whoever needs it the most. Although many of our elderly parents are still capable of caring for themselves, it gives us a lot of peace of mind if we know they’re safe and just a few feet from us.

When you already have an in-law suite on your property, then elderly care expenses significantly decrease. There are plenty of caregiving institutions and nursing homes for seniors, however, many of them can be very expensive. Also, you can never be sure if they are treated with love and care the way a son or daughter would.

We have to admit that some of us are not comfortable with the idea of our parents living with us. By the time that we have our own homes, we want to be the main decision-maker of the house. If we give an extra room for our in-laws right inside our home, conflicts may arise. But having an in-law suite can eliminate those possible conflicts. After all, the suite is like their own home – it has a living area, bathroom, sleeping area, even a small kitchen!

And if you don’t have any plans of having your in-laws stay with you in the near future, having a mother-in-law suite has another great benefit too. It can simply be an extra guest room in your home, a storage space, or even a rental apartment for long or short-term guests if you wish.

Most importantly, a mother-in-law suite increases the value of your real estate. Additional square feet of living space in your home adds to the price of your property and can be an attractive feature for possible home buyers!

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It’s great that you now know what is a mother-in-law suite and how it can be a great benefit for you as a property owner or a son/daughter. Just keep this in mind when you’re building a brand new home or remodeling your current home. An in-law suite is not typically included in most spec home designs, so you need to call a trusted Winter Park custom home builder like Posada Custom Homes. We provide custom home building and custom home renovations in Winter Park, Windermere, Orlando, Lake Nona, and the surrounding areas. Call us at 407-740-7707 for a free estimate.