Roofing Material Options for Your Custom Home

Roofing Materials Orlando

One of the best things about being involved in designing and planning your custom-built home is that you have the chance to choose the best materials to use for the structure. For instance, there are a variety of roofing material options you can select from, each with its own advantages. 

You probably already know the look or appearance you want to achieve for your home. However, it is very important to learn more about your options for roofing material aside from just their appearance. After all, roofing repairs and replacements can get very expensive, not to mention stressful when you have to deal with a damaged roof. So you might as well choose one that would work best depending on your requirements, the usual climate or weather in your area, and other factors you wanted to take into consideration. 

Here are some types of roof materials commonly used in homes:

Roofing Material Options OrlandoAsphalt Shingles: The most popular choice among homeowners in Orlando because of its cheap price tag and good enough quality, it is said that over 70% of homes in the United States use asphalt shingles for their roof. Cheaper ones may last for about a decade but high-quality ones could give you over 20 years of reliable durability. 

Metal Roofing: Fast becoming a very popular roofing material option, metal roofs are affordable yet durable. They are said to last for a lifetime and they’re stylish and eco-friendly too. 

Wood Shingles: Although not recommended in places where it rains all the time, wood shingles for your roof is a good enough choice in Florida where it’s sunny most of the year. It gives your home a rustic and charming look.

Slate Roofing: Slate roofs look amazing in stone and brick homes, but they’re quite pricey. If you want a truly luxurious look for your custom-built home, then you should consider slate roofing materials. 

When you’re not sure about the right choice from these roofing material options, ask your custom home builder for expert advice. At Posada Custom Homes, we can help you come up with the best decision for your home’s roof – one that would work best with your budget, desired look and expected durability. We offer our services in Orlando, Maitland, Windermere, Winter Park, and surrounding areas. Call us at 407-740-7707 for a free estimate.