Renovations That Increase Home Value

Renovations That Increase Home Value Winter Park

What are some renovations that increase home value? There are a lot of things tied to the value of people’s homes that many of these same homeowners look for creative ways to increase their home’s worth. One of the easiest ways to do that is to renovate certain parts of a home. 

According to professional appraisers, there is a large variety of choices when it comes to these kinds of renovations. Not only will these renovations increase the value of a home, but they will also make any home more functional and livable. 

Kitchen Renovations

This is one of the most popular renovations that increase home value. That’s because perhaps no interior renovation can rejuvenate the look and feel of a home than a kitchen setting change. These tend to also be done in a way that makes a kitchen more functional for you too. Cheaper kitchen renovations that don’t include appliance replacement and involve cabinet refinishing can still increase a home’s value in a very positive way. You can never go wrong by taking on a kitchen renovation project because it will always pay for itself when you go to sell your home. 

Window Replacement

This is what you would call a 3-for-1 home renovation choice. That’s because it not only adds value to any home but it also makes a home look better and will cut down on heating and cooling losses too. Windows are no longer the same type of basic windows that went into the home your parents built either. They are choices in color, texture, the number of pains, insulation value, and how they open and close. It’s the reason why window replacement is such a popular choice when it comes to renovations that increase home value.

New Siding

Another of the renovations that increase home value is siding replacement. This is a popular renovation because it gives a homeowner so many choices that still make the exterior of any home look better. Siding these days comes in a huge variety of color style choices. That includes long-lasting and durable synthetic siding which is made to mimic the looks of more expensive siding like wood at a fraction of the price. There are even insulated siding choices that will increase energy savings for any homeowner too. 

Garage Door Upgrades

Here is one of the most overlooked types of home renovation and it’s hard to understand why. This is especially true if you live in a ‘cookie-cutter’ neighborhood where just about every garage door looks the same because the builder bought them at bulk savings. Why not choose a more decorative type garage door such as wood that will make your home look better and increase its value at the same time.

Adding Quality Attic Insulation

Here is one renovation that will not only help you build up the value of your home but will also save you some money on your energy bills. That’s by adding spray foam insulation to your attic. It’s a little costlier than other types of attic insulation but it completely stops air gaps when done right and provides a nice vapor barrier too. You can never go wrong with doing this because it pays for itself rather quickly in energy bill savings. 

Roof Replacement

Another of the renovations that increase home value is roof replacement. This is one area of a home that is always covered on a home inspection before someone buys a house. The closer a roof replacement has been done in relation to the date of the sale, the more value that type of renovation will add to a home. It also never hurts to have a roof that is much more watertight than the old one. Consider adding decorative and durable metal roofing panels to significantly increase your home’s value. You have many home value increasing options when it comes to roof replacement. 

Increase Home Value With Custom Home Renovations in Winter Park, FL

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