Pavers vs. Poured Concrete for a Driveway

Pavers vs. Poured Concrete for a Driveway

A proper driveway complements your home’s theme and construction for maximum visual appeal. It also provides a sturdy and durable surface for parking your car. Two main options for driveway hardscaping in Orlando and Winter Park reign supreme: pavers and poured concrete slabs. Both materials have pros and cons, and the better one depends on your unique needs and preferences.

What Are Pavers?

A paver is a flat piece of rock, concrete, wood, or any other material grouped to create a hard surface. Pavers come in different sizes but are mostly square, rectangular, triangular, or circular. The joints between pavers are usually filled with sand, gravel, or other filler materials to lock them in place.

What Are Poured Concrete Slabs?

As the name implies, poured concrete slabs are made from concrete—a mixture of sand, gravel, and aggregate. Concrete is poured into different-shaped formwork, mostly rectangular, and then allowed to cure and harden, forming slabs. These slabs are grouped to form a flat surface.

Pavers Vs. Poured Concrete Driveways


Pavers and poured concrete slabs look similar. However, pavers have more design variations, with different geometric shapes and colors (including earth tones). Poured concrete driveways mostly have a grayish concrete hue and usually come in rectangular slabs.


Both pavers and poured concrete slabs are durable materials that can withstand the elements. However, pavers are more resistant to harsh weather conditions and stress from constant traffic and are, in fact, up to four times stronger than concrete slabs.


Poured concrete slabs are more affordable than pavers in Orlando and Winter Park. The former will cost about $4 to $15 per square foot, while the latter will cost $10 to $50 for the same square footage. Pavers cost twice as much (sometimes more) as poured concrete slabs.


Installing poured concrete slabs is much easier than installing pavers. That’s because concrete slabs are much larger than pavers and are installed in a single pour. Alternatively, you can opt for prefab concrete slabs laid on the ground. Conversely, pavers are laid individually and sometimes in a pattern, which is more complicated and takes longer.

Make the Right Choice

While pavers and poured concrete slabs are incredible materials for your driveway, the better option depends on your needs. If you prioritize aesthetics, then pavers will serve you better. If you’re on a tight budget, install poured concrete slabs instead.

 Regardless of your choice, hire reputable installation experts for the best results. In Orlando, Winter Park and other surrounding areas in Central Florida, Posada Custom Homes is your best bet for driveway paving and other construction needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation.