Most Popular Floors for Luxury Custom Homes

Nailing the floor design is key to a cohesive interior design for any luxury home. Luckily, there are many flooring options that you and your builder can pick from.

Remember, a home’s floor design has to be in harmony with other aspects of interior design. These include wall colors, furniture, cabinet colors, windows, and door designs. As your expert interior designers, we’ll look at some of the most popular floors for luxury custom homes.

1. Natural stone

Custom Home Longwood FloridaNo flooring design screams classic better than natural stone. A quick look at it summons thoughts of medieval palaces and temples. It shouts not only money but also an architectural marvel.

Granite and marble are common choices but are somehow pricey. Other options include travertine, quartzite, and sandstone. Natural stone floors are ideal in the following areas;

  • Baths
  • Kitchens
  • Entrance
  • Patios and pool area

2. Exotic hardwood

As the name suggests, exotic hardwood carries a sense of opulence. The wood adorns the interior of any building with exotic colors and unique grains. Exotic hardwoods are becoming rarer by the day, and you also need to work with a licensed wood harvester.

Common hardwood species available in the US are;

  • Tigerwood
  • Kempas
  • Australian cypress
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Sapele mahogany

3. Mosaic tiles

Perhaps the most popular flooring option in luxury homes is Mosaic tiles. They are affordable but without giving a low-quality vibe.

They come with limitless color patterns and long durability. Additionally, their cooling effect makes them ideal for hot climatic regions.

Unlike wood, tiles are water-resistant and can be used in bath areas, kitchens, and entrances. However, mosaic tiles can also work in any other part of your house, including the living room.

4. Hand-scraped hardwood flooring

Do you wish to get a wooden floor with visual depth and creativity? Then the hand-scraped hardwood is the right choice for you. This flooring option gives your house an old manor or a countryside aesthetic.

The style is durable and ideal for high-traffic areas. Scratches and tears inconspicuously blend evenly onto the tile artistry.

5. Reclaimed hardwood flooring

Reclaimed hardwood tiles utilize wood from old buildings. The wood undergoes heavy processing before being reused.

This option is environment-friendly and gives you access to vintage flooring material. Common North American tree species that are reclaimed include; Ash, Elm, Oak, and Walnut.

6. Luxury vinyl tiling panels

Gone are the days when vinyl floors were a low-end option. Today, companies produce luxury vinyl tiles in various colors and patterns. This is one of the flooring options where you can get bespoke design patterns.

Vinyl tiles are warmer on the feet compared to ceramic or stone floors. It is slip-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.

7. Forbo Marmoleum

Custom Cabana OrlandoForbo Marmoleum is a unique brand name for linoleum. The linoleum floors, formerly lost, are slowly gaining favor thanks to their environmental sustainability. It creates a modern luxury interior design with a retro attitude. It is easy to install and is generally affordable. (1)

8. Carpet tiles

Carpets may be assumed as the cheapest flooring option. However, you can quickly bring out luxury carpet floors from suitable designer materials. Most luxury carpet manufacturers target designer-oriented high-end customers. They offer designer carpets and rugs in a variety of colors and patterns.

Choose your favourite floor design today!

You can easily pick the desired floor design from the options above. Working hand in hand with floor installation experts from Posada Custom Homes is advantageous. We have the experience to make your luxury home shine even more.

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