Modern Custom Home Characteristics

Modern Custom Home Characteristics

Learn about some modern custom home characteristics you can take into consideration when designing your new home. There is nothing like the feeling when someone puts themselves into a position where they can then build a custom home. They have finally got the means to build a home that is perfectly suited to their tastes and has the features that they have always wanted. 

What are some modern custom home characteristics that people choose regularly? The answer might not be what you expect because it’s not always the number of rooms and the types of rooms that give a custom home the right fit and feel. The little things play an important role in any custom home design too. Here are a few design features that nicely accent any custom home design.

High Ceilings Give a Classic Yet Modern Feel

One of the most popular modern custom home characteristics these days is high ceilings. These are great because even the smallest rooms appear to be much bigger if they have a higher ceiling. High ceilings also give you more wall decorating space and make rooms seem airier and more comfortable. Not to mention, they also add a distinct look to most rooms and make any home look more modern and pricier.

Simplistic in Design

For many, when they think of a custom home, they think of very extravagant designs but this is hardly the case. More of those that are building custom homes are actually taking a more simplistic approach as far as the design goes. This means having lots of open spaces and square-shaped rooms just like many traditional types of houses have always been built. What sets these homes that are simplistic in design apart from other custom homes is the features they have built into them. That includes high ceilings like was just discussed and the other custom home features that are mentioned in this article. 

Energy Efficiency Features in a Modern Custom Home 

This is a biggie these days as don’t mind spending more money on a custom home but they also want to keep their future energy bills down at the same time. Don’t misinterpret this as meaning a house full of energy-efficient appliances either. The most energy-efficient custom homes contain such things as rooftop solar panels, solar attic fans, and feed natural light sources into a house. Even using better types of insulation fall into this category. All of which are great modern custom home characteristics to consider. A person’s general contractor should know the best ways to design a new custom home that is very energy efficient. 

Lighting Can Set the Right Mood

People often underestimate the important part that lighting plays in any custom home design. Lighting has the ability to change the look and feel of any room it’s placed in. That makes places it among the modern custom home characteristics that must be considered when designing a new custom home. When someone talks about lighting in custom homes it also does not necessarily fall into the category of the types of lights that one needs to plugin either. Skylights and built-in natural light tunnels are all the rage these days when it comes to new custom home designs. 

Built-in Shelving and Storages for Space Efficiency

There really is not any type of room in a home that cannot make good use of built-in shelving. It makes a great place to store audio-visual equipment in common areas, creates extra storage space in any bedroom, and even gives tough to decorate bathroom areas some places to put small plants, candles, and other decorative items. So people who are starting the custom home building design process should really consider adding this type of feature to their new custom home. 

Shelving and Cabinet Lights

A new custom home builder should not stop with just adding built-in shelving either. They should take that one step further by installing shelving and closet lighting. This will make it much easier to find items stored in bathrooms, living spaces, bedrooms, and kitchens. Even garage and basement areas can greatly benefit from having shelves and closets that are nicely lit up.  

Modern Custom Home Builder in Orlando, FL

Hopefully, the above modern custom home characteristics haven’t given you an idea of what type of design you’d like to have for your home. For custom home building services and custom renovations in Orlando, Windermere, Winter Park, Maitland, and surrounding areas, call Posada Custom Homes. You may reach us at 407-740-7707 for consultation.