Is A Custom Home Worth It? (VS A Track Home)

Yes! A custom home is definitely worth it compared to a track home in Orlando. If you are like most people, you desire a house that’s unique and built to meet and reflect your taste. However, that can never be the case with a track home.

Everything about a track home speaks of maximizing profits. Developers rush to make quick money and find the cheapest ways to build a house. As a result, they use the same generic plans and materials in every home. Here, we’ll briefly explore the benefits of a custom home over a track home.

Custom Home Design

Is A Custom Home Worth It?A custom home provides the opportunity to build your castle the way you want it. Whatever design you can think of, it’s possible. Whether you want an extra room for your gaming table or a closet for your extensive shoe collection, it’s up to you.

You only need to talk to your custom home builder and explain your vision, and they can help you transform it into reality. What’s more? You will be involved in every step, from sketching the design to choosing the interior and exterior finishes.

On the other hand, track homes are developers’ profit projects. Everything gets built in an assembly-line fashion. Floor plans have no modifications. As a result, the entire neighborhood looks almost if not identical.

Total Control

A custom home in Orlando gives you total control over everything. You can decide on the layout, materials, and every other detail. You even determine who builds it- with a reputable builder, of course!

Your building contractor lets you in on every aspect. They guide you through every option to help you get the best out of your budget.

In contrast, track homes come pre-built with predetermined finishes. You have little say, if any, on whatever goes where. Whenever the developer offers a choice, it’s always an up-sell to get you to spend more money than necessary. And even that is rare.

Quality and Longevity

When you build a custom home, the quality of the structure and materials is in your control. You have the power to decide how much money goes into each stage of construction. As an informed owner, you can make prudent decisions about building materials to ensure long-term durability.

On the other hand, with track homes, the developers are just out for profit. They utilize cheaper materials and subcontractors to save money. Such shortcuts compromise the quality of the house and, ultimately, its longevity.

Work With Pro’s

At Posada Custom Homes, you get to work with seasoned professionals. We understand that building a custom home is an emotional and financial investment. We dedicate everything to ensure your new home is worth every penny. Contact us today via phone (407) 740-7707 or email to schedule a consultation. Our company services Orlando, Windermere, Longwood, Winter Garden, Altamonte, and the surrounding communities.

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