Hurricane Rated Homes in 2021

Hurricane Rated Homes In 2021 Winter ParkIf you are looking to buy or build hurricane rated homes in 2021, this is a very good choice if you are looking to build or buy in a coastal area. This takes on even more significance if those coastal areas are located on the Eastern seaboard of the USA or along the Gulf Coast. That’s because these areas are prone to having more string storms pass through them than anywhere else in the USA.

You may also be wondering what makes a home hurricane-resistant? Here are a few characteristics that make a home a hurricane-rated one.

Built to Tolerate Storm Surges

Very few new homes that are built near the coast are built with ground-level features. This is to prevent storm surges and flooding from knocking down a home. Although most coastal homes are built upon stilts, there is a special technique of doing this that makes a home hurricane rated. Having foundations that are specifically designed to handle storm surges and flooding is also an integral part of hurricane-resistant home design.

Can Handle Wind & Blowing Object Impact

Hurricane-rated homes in 2021 will also have what’s known as impact-resistant exterior wall systems. These are exterior walls that are made thick so they can stop flying objects from penetrating through them and they are made of materials that don’t dent or crease easily. This will also include a home having storm shutters in place that can quickly be lowered over windows to protect them from high winds and blowing objects.

Have A Continuous Load Path

Here is one of the less obvious features of Hurricane rated homes in 2021. A continuous load path provides a very strong defense against the way that winds act upon a home’s structure. Strong winds are known to place lateral and upward lifting stress on a home. Homes built with a continuous load path tend to shift the stress of strong winds lower into a home (such as towards the foundation). That’s because these stronger lower components can better withstand the stress of strong winds.

Hurricane-Resistant Roofs are a Must

Having a specially designed roof to handle strong winds and other severe storm traits is also very important for a coastal home to be deemed hurricane resistant. Most homes that are hurricane-rated will stay away from cheaper and more traditional roof designs such as gabled roofs. Hip roofs are often the preferred roof design for hurricane-rated homes because they are known to be much more wind resistant.

Hurricane Proof Homes Offer Excellent Resale Value

It may surprise you to learn that hurricane rated homes in 2021 offer more than just strength against the elements. That includes they often have a higher resale value. It’s estimated that hurricane-rated homes will get the owner that goes to sell them as much as 7% more than comparable size homes that are not hurricane rated. That means a home seller of a hurricane-resistant home will get their investment back and then some if they choose to build their home with features that will hold up against extreme elements. Since hurricane rated homes are desirable in coastal areas more than ever, you may just sell your home faster too.

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