How Much Does House Siding Cost?

How Much Does House Siding Cost Winter ParkHow much does house siding cost? When you are renovating your house, you might be considering replacing the house siding to give your home a brand-new look. Some also consider changing the house siding material when the old one is already damaged and beyond repair.

The cost varies for all house siding materials. If you are working on a budget, then it would be best to know the cost of these materials first before deciding on which one to use for your home.

Factors Affecting the Cost of House Siding Projects

The cost for house siding replacement projects varies and there are several factors to consider including the following:

  • Home Size: The first factor to consider would be the size of your home. Home siding project cost is usually estimated by square foot.
  • Home Condition and Shape: The complexity of the siding project will also affect its cost. If you have a regularly shaped home, it wouldn’t be as costly compared to irregularly shaped homes. Removal or layering of old siding may also affect the price of your siding project.
  • Siding Quality: While there are variations in the price of siding types, the material quality also affects their cost. If you want a home siding that will last for a very long time, make sure you’re sourcing excellent quality materials.
  • Community Regulations: Another very important factor to consider would be the regulations in your community. Check with your homeowners association if there are certain mandates or requirements for siding type and quality.

Average House Side Cost

For siding replacement or installation projects, expect to spend anywhere from $5,400 to $15,500. The national average according to HomeAdvisor is $10,300 per siding project. The same source provides the following figures for siding cost per square foot.

  • Vinyl: $3 to $12
  • Engineered Wood: $4 to $9
  • Aluminum: $2 to $5
  • Wood: $2 to $5
  • Fiber Cement: $5 to $13.50
  • Brick: $9 to $28
  • Stucco: $5 to 6
  • Steel: $4 to 8
  • Stone: $35 to $50

Note that these prices are based on the national average so the cost may still vary depending on your location and once again, your community regulations.

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