How Much Do Home Renovations Cost?

How Much Do Home Renovations Cost

How much do home renovations cost? It’s not unusual for someone that has lived in their home for a long time to fall out of love with it. It’s human nature to want some form of change in our surroundings from time to time. For most people moving is not an option because it’s a tedious process and can cost a lot of extra money. 

That often leads homeowners into wondering how much do home renovations cost. Renovations are a great way to give any home a whole new look and feel. It’s also so hard to put a general price on home renovations because there are so many factors that go into the cost of them. This is something worth taking a closer look at.  

Factors That Go into Home Renovation Costs

In order to properly answer the question ‘how much do home renovations cost’, a contractor who is doing the work must know how extensive the renovations are that need to be done. It’s much less expensive to remodel a bathroom in most cases than to remodel a kitchen. Remodeling open rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms are usually even less expensive. Even once you know the rooms you want to be renovated there are still several factors that will determine the cost of the renovation. 

For instance, a kitchen remodel where the appliances are being replaced, new quartz countertops are being added, and all of the cabinets are being replaced can be on the costly side. While at the same time, a kitchen renovation that incorporates the existing countertops and just cabinet refinishing into it will be much less costly. Once someone gets together with their contractor and comes up with a renovation design, that contractor will then be able to give the homeowner an estimate for their renovation. 

Typical Types of Home Renovations

What are some of the typical renovations that make people wonder how much do home renovations cost? There are several popular choices here. Let’s take a look at some of those:

Kitchen Renovations

This is the most popular types of renovations by far. That’s because many homeowners after a few years of living in a home want to make their kitchen more functional for their individual needs.

Bathroom Renovations

People spend a lot more time in their bathrooms than they realize. At some point, many homeowners realize that they want that their time spent in their bathroom to be more comfortable so they go ahead and renovate it.

Basement Renovations

Some homeowners who use their basements for such things as storage and washing only decide to create some extra living space by renovating this area of their home. Basement renovations give homeowners many options when it comes to what they want to do with these mostly large and unused spaces. 


This is a great way for people to go who have outgrown their existing home but love where they live. It can create a lot of specialized extra living space if designed the right way. 

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