Home Trends in 2021

home trends in 2021If you are getting ready to build a new home or remodel an existing one, you may be wondering what some of the home trends in 2021 will be. Some of these once you are informed about them will seem to be fairly obvious and others just may surprise you. It will definitely be an interesting and creative year in the home building industry.

What determines new home building trends for the upcoming year? There are lots of factors that go into this such as what’s influencing buying decisions at present and older building designs that seemed to once fall out of favor now coming back into style.

The Newest Trends in Home Building For 2021

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Here are some of the unique home trends in 2021:

Adaptable Rooms

This is especially popular among younger homebuyers who want to have a family someday or for others that want an inexpensive way to change the look and feel of their home in the future. This is building rooms that can easily be repurposed into a different style of room down the road. For instance, what originally was designed to be an office can easily be changed into a bedroom as a family expands. 

New Popular Colors 

There is a new emphasis on colors that are in-between bold and bland that will make any room stand out without being overbearing. This includes such unique colors as Fortuna Gold, which is a warm and deep color that will remind some of the golden autumn leaves. There is also the calming teal-ish-looking Tidewater Green and Set Sail Champagne which combines elements of beige with a hint of orange and soft burgundy.

Nature-Based Design Integration

This is something that has come about due to people being forced to remain at home for extended periods because of the pandemic. Builders and designers report that there is an increased demand for more creative and useful outdoor living spaces to be integrated into new home designs. This also includes home design features that will help seamlessly connect the indoor areas of a home to these new outdoor living spaces. 

Back in Style for 2021

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Here are some home trends in 2021 that were very popular at other times and are making a strong comeback now:


Builders are seeing a trend to use more brick designs in interior and exterior walls. There is a twist here though. This comeback in the use of brick is not the old reddish brick designs that most people are used to. You will be seeing a variety of different color bricks used in interior and exterior home layouts. Newer brick designs also tend to have smoother edges and smoother surfaces on them too. They are an excellent way to add a little warmth and character to the exterior of a home and interior living spaces such as great rooms and home offices.  

Farmhouse Style Designs

There is an increased demand for farmhouse style homes that have not been seen since the minimalist focused home building period of the 1990s and early 2000s. A farmhouse style design usually incorporates several features. This includes spacious open rooms with wooden floors and several other simplistic decorating trends. You will also often see them with traditional gabled roofs that have added dormers. These types of homes are found to commonly integrate wood into the interior and exterior walls and traditionally have large porches on one side or wraparound porches.

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