Home Security in 2021

Home Security In 2021 Winter ParkIf you are building a new custom home or renovating an existing one, you may be wondering what’s appropriate for home security in 2021. If you have not read much about this subject lately you will find that much has changed as far as home security is concerned over the last few decades. Some of that is because of technological advances and some of that is also because we live in a more dangerous world these days.

Home security is also something that you should never take lightly. Few things are more important than the security of your family and valuables. A few simple steps will go a long way to providing adequate home security for you.

Purchase a Quality Alarm System

The most important step in home security in 2021 setup is installing an alarm system. Not only are modern alarm systems much improved, but the mere presence of them is often enough of a deterrent to discourage thieves from breaking into your home. Some newer alarm systems can even detect heat from fires and protect against other hazards too. These systems usually come with 24-hour home monitoring that can be had for a very reasonable monthly fee.

Install Video Surveillance

Here is another home security step that will add to the protection that having an alarm system gives you. Video surveillance cameras placed strategically around your residence will act as even more of a deterrent against home intrusions than an alarm will. That’s because thieves and other wrongdoers realize that video provides powerful evidence for convictions in court. Home video surveillance systems are inexpensive and just about anybody can install them too. Be sure to install a doorbell camera along with strategically placing your surveillance cameras so they cover the largest amount of the exterior of your home. 

Get a Home Locksmith Consultation

One often overlooked part of home security in 2021 is setting up an inspection with a local locksmith. They can come out to your home and take a look at your locks and suggest where improvements in your home security can be made. They may also discuss with you such things as upgrading your window lock security and switching to keyless entry locks which are much harder for thieves and other home intruders to defeat. Best of all, these consultations are usually done free of charge. That makes scheduling one a no brainer. 

Make Landscape Changes

Security experts will tell you that thieves and home intruders are usually very crafty and smart. That’s why they will approach your home in a direction that they are least likely to be seen. Usually, this will be someplace where windows are obscured by trees, hedges, or other foliage that blocks the line of sight from them. That’s why it’s important to remove any greenery that obscures the view out your windows.

Add Exterior Lighting

Here is another very effective deterrent when it comes to discouraging thieves and home intruders from trying to get into your house. That’s to add perimeter lighting. There is a reason why most thieves and others that want to get into your home do it at night, that’s because it makes them harder to be seen. By having such illuminators as walkway lighting, abundant exterior lighting, and motion-sensing floodlights, it effectively takes being harder for them to be seen at night right out of the conversation. 

Other Home Security Options

Home security in 2021 is not only limited to the steps mentioned above either. You have other options to consider also. This includes adding a sizeable one of man’s best friends to enhance your home security. They are intimidating because of their very presence and their bark is usually sounded long before any alarm will go off. You can also look for systems that integrate most of your home security measures for easy control and stay up to date on the latest home security devices to enter into the marketplace. 

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