Home Decor Color Trends 2020

home decor color trends 2020If you have been in your home for a while or you just want a fresh new look that invigorates you, then you may want to paint your walls, buy new furniture or take on a whole home interior renovation. Any of these home improvements take some planning to get just right and a major part of that planning will be the colors that you choose. What are some of the latest home decor color trends 2020? The answer here just might surprise you because home decor colors have changed quite a bit over the last decade and some even slant to the wild and unexpected side. 

Interior Wall Colors

What are some of the home decor color trends 2020 when it comes to wall paint? The first is that it may surprise you that grey has overtaken beige as the most dominant color that in homes these days. A few years ago, nobody would have guessed it and now nobody blinks an eye when grey is used throughout a home. Another newer color trend with interior walls is painting them to set the mood for a room. For example; interior designers feel blue paint makes a room feel peaceful and serene, if you want a warm and cheery room yellow is suggested, and even orange comes into play as a color that creates energy and enthusiasm.  

Trends in Furniture Color

Not to be outdone, there are also some interesting home decor color trends 2020 when it comes to furniture. No, zebra and tiger-striped furniture is not making a big comeback but rest assured there is some pretty wild stuff happening with furniture colors recently. For instance, never blue furniture is becoming all the rage because it’s seen as being versatile and sophisticated. You may not believe it, but floral-patterned fabrics have also become very trendy again. Canopy beds done up in bold and contrasting colors have also become one of the most popular bedroom furniture décor choices these days. More naturally hued colors are starting to show up on rattan and wicker furniture too. 

Seek Out Professional Guidance

What’s the best way to make sure you do not stray too far from the home decor color trends 2020? If you guessed consulting with a professional interior decorator you would be right. They make it their business to know all of the latest color trends and they can advise you as to how you can make your color choices work even better for you. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to a local home interior decorating professional for help with your home décor colors. What little money you will spend will help keep you happy with your home’s looks for years to come. 

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