Home Construction Cost

Home Construction Cost Winter ParkHow much does it cost to build a house? While we can all dream big as we think of the future homes we build, many of us also think about actual home construction cost. This usually doesn’t come cheap especially when you’re planning to build a brand new home in areas such as Winter Park or Orlando and surrounding areas in Florida.

Home Advisor shares that the typical range for a new construction home in the USA can be anywhere from $123,000 to $450,000. The national average for building a home is at $286,000. Of course, prices may go lower or higher than these numbers depending on several factors that we will be discussing below.

The breakdown of costs for building a new home include the following:

  • Land and site work
  • Home foundation
  • Framing
  • Exterior work
  • HVAC, electric, and other major systems
  • Drywall, floors, and other interior finishes

More often than not, interior finishes cost the most and can take 25 to 35% of your overall budget.

Factors Affecting Home Construction Cost

There are plenty of factors to consider when determining the actual cost of constructing a new home. While you can always get an estimate from local contractors, especially if you are building a custom home, you can only usually get a ballpark figure upon consultation. Plans must be laid out in detail before the actual cost can be determined.

Among the factors affecting a home’s construction costs are the following:

  • Land, unless you already own it
  • Pre-construction costs
  • Property size
  • Layout and design
  • Materials
  • Labor cost

Other factors such as the style you choose for your home can also affect the overall price of construction. Your choice of contractor can affect the cost, too. Many times, you will find spec homes are much cheaper compared to custom homes.

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