Home Builder Vs Developer

Home Builder Vs Developer OrlandoHome builder vs developer – is there a difference between the two of these? It is understandable when one confuses a home builder and a residential developer, but it is important to understand the fine line between them when you are planning to build your home.

If you already have a property and you are looking into getting a custom home built for you, should you hire a home builder or should you be searching for a residential developer to help you out?

The Difference: Home Builder Vs Developer

What’s the difference between a home builder and a developer? A Chicago Tribune article describes the difference in the simplest way possible. Simply put, a developer develops a property. A home builder builds the home.

Imagine a large parcel of land without any homes, streets, utilities, and everything else that makes it ready for commercial or residential use. A developer is the one to call to work on this raw land. Developers can do the following:

  • Obtain the needed permits
  • Create lots for buildings or homes
  • Install sewers
  • Install water and electric lines
  • Build streets and curbs

On the other hand, a home builder is called when it is time to build the house. The property owner discusses the design, preferred materials, and all home features and amenities with the builder.

Some developers offer home building services, too.

The Benefit of Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Although some developers do offer home building services, many times, they deal with spec homes. Spec homes are those with ready-made designs that give little allowance for customization.

If you will be hiring a custom home builder, everything will be done especially for you from scratch. Your home will have unique features, and all are according to your preferences. Areas of your home that you can choose to customize include the following:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Size of every room
  • Location of every room
  • Materials used for floors, walls, countertops, etc.
  • Home layout
  • Customized indoor features – theater room, home office, etc.
  • Customized outdoor features – swimming pool, patio, etc.

While it is true that some developers can be great home builders too, and some of them offer customized home designs as well, custom home builders are specialists. Custom home building is their expertise.

Reliable Orlando Custom Home Builder

Now that you already know the difference between home builder vs developer, you will know the right company you need to call according to your needs.

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