Energy Efficient Windows

energy efficient windows orlandoIf you are building a new home you should strongly consider adding in energy efficient windows. Even if you are doing a remodel you can benefit greatly by having windows that will help insulate your home better and save you on energy costs. Most replacement windows can also be ordered to closely fit the existing windows so there is no big hassle when it comes to installing them. 

When you chose to install energy efficient replacement windows you must also keep in mind that there are virtually no drawbacks to doing this. That’s why you would have trouble finding a new home being built that does not have them. 

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Take a look at the many benefits that you will get from having modern and better-insulated windows in your home. 

Energy Savings

Most people would tell you that by far the biggest benefit that they get from having installed energy efficient windows is the money that they save each month on their utility bills. Newer style windows have such features as thicker glass panes, more of them, and are designed to have little or no air be able to pass through them. For those of you that heat your home with oil or gas and use electric air conditioners, these types of windows have the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint in the world too.

They Look Good

If you currently have older wooden windows in your home, you probably have noticed such things as paint peeling off them, stress cracks appearing in the wood, and maybe even some deterioration of the wood. These are things that you never have to worry about if you install newer style energy efficient windows. Most are made out of vinyl so they never chip, crack, or deteriorate. Unlike wooden windows, they have a smooth appearance, and these days you will also be able to choose from an assortment of colors that will enhance the looks of your home’s exterior.

Ease of Cleaning

Modern energy-saving windows are often designed in a way that makes them easier to clean. Gone or the days where you have to clean your second story windows from a ladder or lean out the window to get the outside of them clean. Energy savings windows usually are made so their outside panes of glass will fold to the inside so they can be cleaned much easier. 

Noise Reduction

You have probably heard the expression ‘those walls are paper-thin’. People use it when they can hear everything that their neighbors say or do. The same holds true with windows. Windows are energy efficient partly because they use thicker and more panes of glass. So just like a thicker wall, thicker windows make it harder for sound to pass through them.

Moisture and Insects Will Not Harm Them

When wooden windows start to deteriorate, that’s when termites, ants, and other wood-eating insects can get into a wooden window frame and really cause lots of damage. There is no such problem with vinyl and other synthetic style window frames. Termites and other insects have no interest whatsoever in trying to eat or bore through this rigid type of plastic that never breaks down over time. 

Build an Energy-Efficient Home in Orlando, FL

While energy efficient windows are truly beneficial for any custom built Orlando home, there are also other features you can get for your home that will help save energy. Just make sure you’re working with an excellent home builder that can help you out with these aspects that consider energy efficiency. Posada Custom Homes is an Orlando custom home building expert. We also provide custom home renovations and more. Aside from Orlando, we also service Winter Park, Windermere, Maitland, and many more areas. Call us at 407-740-7707 for a free estimate.