Do Custom Home Builders Use Subcontractors?

Do Custom Home Builders Use Subcontractors?Yes! Custom home builders use subcontractors for various tasks, such as window installation and plumbing configuration. They typically specialize in one aspect of construction, making them experts at that.

But why do you still have to hire a custom home builder other than a subcontractor? Here, we’ll explore some factors that separate top builders from subs.

Expert Project Management

Custom home building involves much more than having a skill at one or two aspects of construction. It requires resource and labor management, design actualization, and budgeting. For that very reason, despite being experts in their field, subcontractors won’t help you much in project management.

On the other hand, specialized custom home builders are expert project managers. They have the skills and ability to oversee the entire construction process, from in-house operations to subcontracting. Besides, they have connections and a vast network of the best local subcontractors. That means that while they have to engage you at every step of the construction process, you can trust that your project is in the hands of experts.

Specialized Custom Home-Building Skills

More often than not, subcontractors are general builders. Frankly speaking, building custom homes is not their forte. While a subcontractor may be an expert at laying bricks, they have no skill in building swimming pools and vice versa. That means, as a homeowner, you will hire tens of people at every stage of the construction, even for the simplest task. In the long run, this will be expensive and time-consuming, besides being tedious with interviews.

With custom home builders, you can have everything in one place. You won’t have to hire multiple people. Since they specialize in this type of house, they will handle everything from architectural designs to putting the final door locks. While they will hire subcontractors at some point, they are the people with the vision.

Large Building Projects are Better Tackled

Hiring multiple subcontractors on your own can be chaotic. If you’re not an expert builder, you probably don’t know where things start and end and where a new phase begins and ends. You will end up hiring subcontractors before their time. For example, you might hire an electrician to install concealed conduit wiring way after plastering.

Additionally, if you want to change plans mid-way, subcontractors may see it as a deviation and request renegotiations. This lack of flexibility and chaos would make building your dream home more expensive than it needs to be. With custom home builders, you can expect orders with lots of room for changes without risking going over the budget.


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