The Difference Between a Custom Home and a Spec Home

Are you planning to build a brand new home for your family? If so, it is best to be aware of the different kinds of home designs and the benefits of each one. Among the most common homes you can purchase is the custom home and spec home. Is there any difference between the two of them? Is one better than the other? Learn more about custom and spec homes below. 

Custom Home

When one says custom, personalized or uniqueness comes to mind. Truth be told, a custom home is probably what most house buyers would like to have.  After all, wouldn’t it be nice if you had any contribution in designing or coming up with the specifications of the place you would call your home? 

As its name suggests, a custom home is built and designed according to a client’s specific requests, requirements, and needs. As a home buyer, you can request a particular lot of choice, materials used in construction, fixtures, color selection, and more. Depending on the contractor you hire, you can customize your home as much as you like and work with them to ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled. This doesn’t mean that you should be part of the home building process. But it does mean that your ideas will be transformed into reality. 

Custom Home Orlando

Custom Home Pros: 

  1. Almost everything is under the home buyer’s control. 
  2. The home can be custom-fit according to the buyer’s needs and requirements including layout, room sizes, fixtures, etc. 

Custom Home Cons: 

  1. Too many “great” ideas can create confusion, sometimes even frustration, when a buyer just can’t make the “right” choice.
  2. The buyer has to find the best builder to hire or work with otherwise their contractor of choice might not be able to deliver according to the buyer’s expectations. 

Spec Home

A spec home is built with no specific homeowner or buyer in mind. More often than not, these homes are already built when putting up on sale.  Just in case a buyer finds a spec home that’s still under construction and decides to make a purchase, they can possibly request alterations to customize the home. This includes changing the paint color, materials for countertops and tiles, layout, fixtures, and more.

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When a spec home has already finalized its construction, a home buyer can renovate if they wish to alter some of its features. 

The primary advantage of buying a spec home is that these are usually ready for occupancy, meaning you don’t have to wait any longer to move in.  Builders are also using specifications, features, layouts, and other amenities that worked for other homeowners. Its main disadvantage is that a spec home might include some features that you don’t want or need.  And of course, the cost of those features are already included in the selling price. There may also be features that you need that aren’t available in a spec home yet. 

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