Custom Home Building Tips

custom home building tips Winter Park

It’s no secret that if you are building a new home you have some interesting decisions to make. Not all of them will be easy. That’s why most anyone can use some custom home building tips and we are here to give those to you. These will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that others have made when they were planning to build a custom home. If you follow these tips, it will also help you avoid some of the stresses and strains that go along with the custom home building process. 

Completely Plan the Process from the Start

When you are sure you are ready to start the home building process don’t just schedule the first few steps in the process such as setting a budget and hiring a builder. Write down all of the steps that you will take from the start to the completion of the project. It will better guarantee a successful outcome. Think of it the same way you do as looking at a roadmap before you start a trip. You look at the starting point, the destination, and all of the stops in-between those two points to have a successful trip. 

Don’t Cut Your Budget Too Close

When looking for custom home building tips here is one that is often overlooked. Most people after looking at their financing sources for their new custom home will try to make their home design exactly fit their budget. This can end up being disastrous. That’s because rarely does a new home gets built from start to finish without something having to be modified that leads to some extra expenses. So leave a little room in your budget so you don’t get stressed out about where the extra money will come from when these extra expenses pop-up.

Consider Reputation the Most When Choosing a Builder

Many people make the mistake of hiring a builder based just on the bottom-line figure to build your new home. As one of our most emphasized custom home building tips, please don’t make this mistake. The lowest bidding contractor may come far short of meeting your expectations when it comes to building your new home. So instead, use a combination of price and builder reputation to achieve having a home built that you are very satisfied with. Building a custom home is a significant investment and something you will most likely have for a long time, so reputation may even be more important.

The Plan Should Combine the Present and Future

As was just mentioned, you will most likely be in your new home for a long time. A lot can happen as the years go by so allow for this when planning. This includes plans to add to your family or leaving your present job to start your own business from home. That means you will need extra bedrooms and home office space. It’s much easier and less expensive to put these features in the original custom home plan than trying to add them on to home later on.

Distinguish ‘Must Have’ from ‘Wants’

When planning your new custom home make sure you separate ‘must-have’ items in the plan from ‘wants’. I’ll explain this a little further. If you have 3 kids and have visitors from time to time, you will most likely design a home that has 5 bedrooms. This is almost essential to your home plan. On the other hand, having a finished basement with a bar area set up for entertaining is a want. The reason you need to distinguish between the two is for budgeting purposes. Things that you ‘want’ in your home design are much easier to leave out of the design than ‘must-have’ features.

Make Sure Your Lot is Suitable for Your Home Plan

Here is one of those custom home building tips that many people overlook. Don’t make the mistake of believing that any custom home can fit on any type of lot. It simply isn’t true no matter how perfect a lot may seem. That’s why it’s sometimes easier to design a custom home after you have already purchased a lot for it. That way you can design your home to the lot as opposed to for your home design into a lot that may not be appropriate for it.

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