Contemporary Home Renovations

Contemporary Home Renovations Winter Park

Contemporary home renovations are highly popular and in-demand among property owners these days who are looking for ways to breathe in new life to their otherwise outdated home design. It is also a great opportunity to add features that you’ve always wanted such as an extra room or activity area in your home.

It’s only natural that over time you may feel that your home’s look has become outdated. A change of scenery can be nice but there is a lot of work that goes into finding a new home and selling your old one. Not to mention, buying a new home can result in increased monthly expenses and nobody ever wants to go through the tedious process of moving unless you absolutely have to. And of course, there’s the sentimental value of your home. It’s not that easy to just move out and leave everything behind, right? 

This leaves people with only one route for change and that is renovating their home. It’s usually a lower cost option than buying or building a new home, yet still gives the homeowner control over what their home will look like after it’s done. When many people decide to take the home renovation route instead of buying a new home, they often choose to do contemporary home renovations.

Custom Home Renovation Ideas

Here are some of the areas in a home that can easily be changed to give them a more contemporary look and at the same time help them function better:


Perhaps no room in a home can benefit more from contemporary home renovations than a kitchen. If done right, a kitchen renovation can add a dramatic new look to any home once it’s finished. Even such simple things as changing counter layouts, cabinet positions, and adding a few modern features can make any kitchen look and feel much more contemporary.

It does not have to be super-expensive either to renovate a kitchen and give it a more modern look. Refinishing the cabinets, adding a center island, reconfiguring countertops, and changing the lighting can all contribute to any kitchen looking significantly different. Updating colors and installing new tile on wall splash areas, and putting in new flooring can all lead to a more contemporary looking kitchen too. Interior designers love doing kitchen renovations because they have so many choices when it comes to making any kitchen look more contemporary.

Contemporary Kitchen Winter Park


For years, bathrooms were pretty much an afterthought in home design. Homebuilders failed to see that these were rooms that people spent a lot of time in and they needed them to be functional. As such, if you look at most bathrooms in homes that are thirty years or older, there simply is not much that stands out about them. That’s a shame because a bathroom that’s designed the right way is a blessing for a homeowner and can greatly add to the looks of the interior of any home.

So how do you do contemporary home renovations on bathrooms? The answer is fairly simple. For one, the way the tubs, shower stalls, sinks, and toilets are laid out can be reconfigured to create more open space in a bathroom. Fixtures and cabinets can also be updated to give them a more modern look. Tubs, shower stalls, and sinks can even be replaced or resurfaced to give them a more up to date look. Adding decorative features such as cutouts around bathtubs and boxes around mirrors can also make any bathroom look more modern and unique. 


Here is one area of a home that is really hard to change when it comes to contemporary home renovations. That’s because the tone of most bedrooms is set by the walls and the furnishings that are inside of them. It does not give you much to work with. That’s why many people that want to make a bedroom more contemporary choose to do such things as install different types of windows, make decorative cutouts in the walls, and even add more modern looking doors. Making a bedroom look more contemporary can be done but sometimes it requires thinking outside of the box. There is an added benefit to their simplicity though. That benefit is that it can be very inexpensive to give a bedroom a more contemporary look. So don’t overlook the challenge of renovating bedrooms to give your home an overall more contemporary look.

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