Do Concrete Floors at Home Need Maintenance?

concrete floors lake nonaDo concrete floors at home need maintenance? The simple answer is yes. While concrete floors are low-maintenance, they still need to be checked once in a while and undergo simple maintenance, especially when used in a home. Concrete floors need simple daily maintenance and yearly check. 

Concrete floors have become a stylish choice for homeowners because of their industrial appeal. Before they were originally used as floors in basements, warehouses, and industrial work areas but the material has evolved throughout the years and has been styled to fit some of the most stylish homes.

Concrete Floors for a Stylish Home

Concrete floors today are often stained and styled in different ways and are sometimes decorated with simple patterns. While some love the industrial appeal of an unfinished concrete floor, some homeowners preferred theirs to be polished, dyed, or stained.

A concrete floor is very durable and can last for many years when installed properly in your homes. However, it is good to note that bare concrete floors can be cold so it is good to have an existing concrete slab when deciding to use this type of flooring at home. Concrete floors are directly in contact with the soil or the foundation therefore, they can be prone to moisture from the ground. If the moisture managed to make its way to the surface of the concrete floors, it can lead to the growth of mold. In this case, you may have to clean extra to maintain your home’s cleanliness as well and to prevent more damages.  

Maintaining a Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are extremely difficult to damage (but it can be with really strong forces) and moving furniture or dropping hard and strong items won’t make a huge difference. Keeping a concrete floor looking neat is very easy as well. If over the years, concrete floors develop cracks and minor damages, professionals can work to grind them to restore their look. The cost for this is low as well. 

Concrete floor surfaces are porous. It can get soiled easily and while you can wipe them clean completely, they can leave stains when left uncleaned for a long period. You may find the time to mop your concrete floor daily with a ph-natural cleaner or a solution specifically designed for concretes. You may ask your contractor for their recommended cleaning solution. Most of the time, water with mild soap to remove stains will do the trick as well. 

Polished or decorative concrete floors should be waxed every two to three months to maintain their shine and they generally require more maintenance than the regular ones. 

Overall, a concrete floor can be a great choice for your home because they are very easy to maintain. But there are also other factors to consider like having an existing slab to make installation easier and if the theme or the interiors of your home fit the look of the concrete. Make sure to just wear the right home slippers to help you with cold feet. 

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