Complete Home Renovation Cost

complete home renovation cost winter park

How much does a complete home renovation cost? This is probably one of the questions you have in mind as you sit around your home, look around, and realize that it already needs a total makeover. Home renovations do cost quite a bit, but with proper planning and by hiring the right contractor, every penny spent will be worth it.

Home renovations may involve a full makeover or remodel of your home. You may also only choose certain areas of your home to be renovated. For instance, you can renovate one or two bedrooms, the kitchen, or even change the layout for one of your larger bedrooms so you can divide it, build a wall, and turn it into two bedrooms so you have room for a new baby coming along or a home office.

Factors Affecting Home Renovations Cost

When you’re wondering about complete home renovation cost, you should know that there are several factors affecting the contract price. Assuming you will be working with a licensed contractor, then apart from materials needed, you’ll also have to pay for labor costs. Take note that for home renovations, it is highly recommended for you to work with qualified companies to ensure that the job is done properly and safely. DIY’s most likely won’t work out well for you especially if you’re planning major changes around your house.

Here are some of those factors that may affect the cost of renovating your house:

Work Required: Some renovations require simple countertop changes, repainting, and repairs of damaged parts. Others are full remodeling jobs. The work required will definitely affect the cost of renovation.

Materials: The price varies for paint type, stone or tiles for countertops or bathroom, hardwood for decks and patios, and other materials needed.

Floor Area: Some contractors charge per square foot. So the cost depends mainly on the size of your home.

Equipment: There are home renovation tasks that don’t require heavy equipment while others need trucks, tractors, backhoes, and other large equipment. This equipment will cost some money too.

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