Building a Smart Home

building a smart home winter park

Building a smart home? We will be sharing with you some helpful information on what you can add to your home such as features and appliances. Many of these are actually great energy-efficient features! 

If you are building a custom home or undertaking any sort of major renovations, you should make sure that you are proactive when it comes to making your new or renovated home more of a smart home too. The extra money that it costs you to do this will be well worth it as far as energy savings and convenience goes. So, what are the keys when building a smart home? It is much simpler to do than you might expect. Here are a few key points to discuss with your contractor when trying to make a home that can be controlled by your smart devices. 

Smart Thermostats

Every conversation about building a smart home should start and end with the thermostats. These days new style smart thermostats have so many features that they can save you thousands of dollars a year on your home energy bills. You can do such things as program into them when it’s time for your heat or air conditioning to come on. If you use them in conjunction with smart controlled vents, you can even shut down heat and AC into the rooms that you are not using. You can even control the temperature of your home from a remote location with them.  

Smart Lightbulbs

These won’t save you as much money as a smart controlled thermostat will but they still help and they are cool to have also. Smart light bulbs can be controlled from a distance and programmed when to come on and off. You can even do such things as leaving the light on in your scared toddler’s room until they fall asleep and then you don’t even have to leave your room to turn that light back off.

Smart Speaker/Smart Hub

You don’t want to always have to constantly your smartphone or smart tablet on you at all times when at home so you control your smart devices. That’s why people also install smart speakers and smart hubs. These allow you to take control of your smart devices from one central location in your home.

Smart Doorbell and Locks

When building a smart home, these won’t save you money but they will take home security and lock convenience to a much higher level. Smart doorbells look like normal doorbells but have a built-in security camera in them. With smart door locks, you will never have to worry about losing keys and being locked out of your home ever again. These are keyless locks that can be opened and locked right from your smartphone. 

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs will help you turn any electrical outlet in your home into a smart device. They are designed to be programmed to come on and off and certain times and to be controlled remotely. So essentially anything that gets plugged into a smart plug becomes a sort of smart device itself. This is great for doing such things as having lights go on and off for security purposes when you are away and control when the soft background music that you play to help your child get to sleep comes on and off.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Have you ever forgotten to take something out of your garage that you were lending to a friend or that your landscaper needed and had to take time out of your busy day to run home to open your garage as a result? Well, all of this could have been avoided if you had a smart controlled garage door. You could have simply opened your garage door from your remote location for a minute to let someone access what they needed from your garage. These also eliminate having to look all over your car for your missing garage door remote control too. 

Winter Park Custom Home Building Experts

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