Building a Custom Home Process: An Overview

Building a Custom Home ProcessThere is just something special about a custom-built home. It’s like getting a suit made; it just seems to fit you better when it is tailored to your exact specifications. Although having a custom home is great, it’s not a simple project to pull off without some very careful thought, planning, and execution of those plans. It is most ideal to learn more about building a custom home process so you’re well-informed and you are aware of what to expect.

Here are the stages involved in the process of building a custom home:

1. Coming Up with an Idea

Of course, in order to build a custom home, it all starts with an idea that you have. You must at least know the style you prefer, how big you want your home to be, and the features that you would like in this new home. Another important aspect of this phase of a home building project is that you must also become comfortable with the thought of spending the amount of money it will take to make your home building idea come to fruition. 

2. Making a Plan and Setting a Budget

Once you have decided that you are serious about building a new home, it is time to work out some of the rough details of the project. This part of the process includes deciding on things such as how many bathrooms and bedrooms you want in your new home, size, and functionality of the kitchen, whether you want to include a formal dining room, how many cars you will need to garage, and so on. Even how you want your new yard landscaped must be thought about during this part of your custom home building project. 

Also, during this phase, a realistic budget figure for your new home must be discussed. You may want a six-bedroom home but you also must have the money or the ability to get financing for building that size home building project too. You can get more custom home building tips here.

3. The Design Phase

Once you have come up with a plan on what you want to be included in your new home and determined your working budget range, you then must work with your contractor’s design team to come up with actual blueprints for the project. This is what your general contractor and their subcontractors will be going by as they do the actual building of the home. 

During this phase, you will also be asked to select the different materials that you want to use. You must determine whether you want a budget-friendly shingle roof or a more expensive but better-looking and more durable metal roof. Such items as kitchen countertops, bathroom fixtures, and exterior doors come in many different styles and price ranges.

Often, during this phase of a custom-built home project, items are being added or deleted in relation to the budget range for the project you presented to your contractor.

4. Determining the Exact Cost of the Project

Once the design is finished, your contractor will give you an estimate on how much and how long it will take to complete the project. By this time all the major and minor details of the project should have been worked out.

5. Financing

A large majority of people building a new home will not pay cash for it. This is the time when a bank or other lending institution will get involved in the process. A home loan must be approved and the payment terms worked out before any general contractor will start the home building process.

6. Building the Home

Once you have a design that you are happy with and your financing is in place, the contractor will then start building your new home. Usually, they will give you a projected starting date for building the home and the dates that you can expect various phases of the project to be completed.

7. Bank and Homeowner Approval

Before any final amount owed to the builder will be paid, you and a bank representative (if you financed your new home) will have to do a walk-through inspection. Anything that you and the bank representative are not happy with will be discussed with the builder before the final installment payment for the home is made.

You probably realized by now that building a custom home process is not as simple as 1-2-3, but it isn’t that complicated either especially when you’re working with a trusted professional custom home builder in Winter Park. For assistance in building luxurious and beautiful custom homes in Winter Park, Orlando, Lake Nona, and surrounding communities in Central Florida, Posada Custom Homes is the company to call. Schedule your appointment by calling us at 407-740-7707 today!