Average Home Renovation Cost

average home renovation cost Winter ParkBecause of the wide variety of requirements, actual work done, property sizes, and other factors, it can get challenging to determine an actual average home renovation cost. It would be more realistic, however, to determine what these factors are and how they affect the overall cost of home renovation jobs. 

A home renovation is usually done in two scenarios. One would be when a house buyer renovates an existing house he recently bought before he moves in. The other more common scenario would be for existing homeowners who want to make changes around the house. It might be a change of layout, home design, home extensions, additional rooms, and more. 

Factors Affecting Home Renovation Cost

As earlier mentioned, there are many factors that affect the cost of home renovation. First and foremost, it would be the extent of work that needs to be done. Some homeowners in Orlando simply request for repainting, change of built-in furniture, and more. Others would do an almost complete overhaul of their current home design – add another room, extend the living area, add more space to the kitchen, and so on.

Another factor would be the type of materials used during the home renovation. From the countertop types to the flooring materials, and more, all these would affect the overall cost of the job. Naturally, higher quality materials are more expensive but more often than not, they are expected to last longer. 

The size of your home or at least the area you wanted to work on greatly matters when it comes to the cost of home renovation. Some home builders would charge per square foot instead of an itemized list of things they would be asked to do during the renovation process. 

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While we can’t give you actual figures of the average home renovation cost, we can make time to speak with you about your ideas, plans, and what kind of renovation you’re looking for. At Posada Custom Homes, we are honest and transparent about our prices in every project we work on. For Winter Park custom home building and custom home renovations, we are here to help. We work in Orlando, Windermere,  and Longwood, as well as the surrounding areas. Just call us at 407-740-7707 for inquiries!