Are 2-Story Homes More Energy Efficient?

are 2-story homes more energy efficient winter parkIt is commonly perceived that a single-story home is more energy-efficient than a multi-level home. The reason behind this logic is that in a single-story home when the heat rises, it is much faster to cool it down. But the number of floors is not the only factor that will contribute to the energy efficiency of a home. With the designs and layouts of houses we have today, most of the time, a multi-level or 2 store home will help you save on energy more. 

If you are in the process of buying a home or building your own, one of the things you are probably looking for is the way you can actually save not just from acquiring the property but also from having it maintained.

Advantage of a Two-Story Home

The design of a home plays a huge role in its energy efficiency. If you have a single-level home with huge space and a wider floor area than a more compact multi-level home, then it is no longer energy efficient. It is also important to note that experts do not advise counting the floors of a multi-level home. How energy efficient it is will always depend on the floor area and design.

In general, a two-story home is more fuel-efficient because of its design. Its roof that is responsible for the heat transfer is usually small and this allows you to save more energy than a single-story home. In addition to that, a two-story home does not require much plumbing and it does not need more energy to heat the water at home. 

Another advantage of having a two-story home is that most of the time, it is the more affordable option. It has a smaller footprint compared to a single story which means there is less roof structure and foundation. Not only it is energy efficient but it can save you a lot in construction costs as well.

Other Factors You Should Consider

There are a lot of factors that can affect the energy efficiency of a home. While a two-story home appears to be more energy-efficient, the floor plan can make all the difference. Remember that homes that have a lot of corners and complicated designs make it harder for the air to circulate and this can affect the energy efficiency as well. A carefully plan home layout that utilizes the space well can save a lot on the utility bill. 

If you are buying an already built home, it is also good to look at the home electrical system. A professional electrician can help in identifying if the current system is still safe, energy-efficient, and can still work well with modern appliances. Investing in good, energy-efficient appliances and having proper home insulation can do wonders too.

As experts would say, do not count the number of floors of a home. Carefully review several factors and do your research.

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